Service-Oriented Architecture

For all companies who need to have a flexible and adaptable information architecture to business processes.





For all companies who need to have a flexible information architecture and adaptive business processes, the adoption of SOA allows switching to a centralized management and distributed use. It also allows the convergence and communication services between them and allows the development of new applications in a more productive way.

The adoption of service-​oriented architecture (SOA) results in the following advantages:

  • You can take a step by step approach, there is no need to face a big bang of the system;
  • All components or applications already in use can be reused and integrated into the new architecture: there is no waste of resources;

  • Long-​lasting (not scale) and enables faster deployment of new projects;

  • Technology changes with the same speed of business;

  • Awareness, knowledge, manageability services by management improves

  • Simultaneous access, flexible and fast access to data, business processes and the entire IT        infrastructure.

  • IT spending drastically reduced (by reducing the ongoing maintenance of the information system).



Consulting and implementation


TRIA deals across the board in the development of information systems and applications through the use of integration technologies more appropriate.
TRIA turns to organizational managers and managers of information systems to pursue integration to all different levels that need to communicate with each other: business data, applications, organizational units, and operational management, partners and suppliers, processes.
TRIA builds business solutions on the basis of a reference model developed over the last 10 years.
The solutions range from the definition and organization of internal processes of the company to implement services for the management of information assets, ensuring the development of an information system consistent.





TRIA can support the change in the adoption of the new paradigm of software development. TRIA offers training on the fundamentals of integration platforms.

In particular, the training/​coaching provided by TRIA is highly contextualized, it assumes that people (organization) and the processes must constantly grow and improve.isa.





If new technology is necessary to introduce, TRIA is able to provide strategic advice on software selection and to review process of information systems.
Through partnerships established, TRIA also aims as a single interlocutor to the Client in the negotiations for the purchase of products and their maintenance.

TRIA has developed extensive expertise in the following integration middleware:

  • JBoss SOA Platform (Red Hat)

  • JCAPS (Oracle)

  • SOA Suite (Oracle)

  • Web Methods (Software AG)

  • Web Sphere (IBM) 



Maintenance of the solutions


TRIA offers corrective maintenance to ensure ongoing support to customer and the resulting benefits in terms of time, cost and quality of service.


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