Enterprise Decision Management

Winning companies are characterized by focus on tasks for which they are recognized to excel and the method by which they can make repeatable experience.

TRIA aims to provide methods for the detection of measurement (Analytics) in order to establish a pattern of process analysis and management of resources in an integrated manner.



Field of application


With the availability of an integrated information system and based on a logical architecture, centralized management and distributed use, it is possible for any company:

  • Data, information and corporate knowledge in real time.

  • Continuously measure company performance.

  • Better management of resources and processes to achieve the overall objectives pursued.

  • Managing your business data in real time allows you to make decisions at the same time, to make analysis and simulations, to lead the company on certain bases.

TRIA’s know-​how extends also to two processes are closely related to pricing: forecasting and production values of elasticity. On the basis of the historical sales, the first process allows to make predictions on the amount of sold, while the second one allows the production of the indicators which show the effect on sales following the increase in price of a second product.

Use of EDM instruments also involves the formalization and management of supply chain processes to help companies optimize stock and to respect the time of the chain.

Additional areas of maintenance:

  • Promotion Management: management of the promotional process and identification of parameters to verify the objectives of the category.

  • Macro Space Optimization: optimization of space to devote to the families of retail products.

  • Retail Demand Forecasting: forecasting sales in continuously. The forecasts produced by the RDF system help the planning, allocation and replenishment processes allowing the seller a profitable and customer-​oriented approach to anticipate and meet the demand for the product.

  • Merchandise Financial Planning: Planning for the use of financial resources in order to improve business processes and profitability.

  • Assortment planning: identification of the correct options’selection by defining item plan and assortment plan.



Consulting and implementation


TRIA deals the board for the management end to end implementation of a predictive solution.
During a first phase of analysis and design of the planning process, TRIA collects business requirements and possibly that the technical solution must satisfy. Therefore realizes the solution by configuring the product, realizing any script and batch necessary for operation.





Covered by TRIA offer training services /​coaching customer’s personnel involved in the use of predictive solution. TRIA typically identifies plans to provide the service on the basis of two roles: configurator and operator.

In the first case, the goal is to make the course participants employed in dealing with user support and performing the activities of normal administration, and, where required, to handle any malfunctions such as help desk tier. In the second case, however, it comes to support users in roll out of the solution.




TRIA has evaluated the best tools on the market dedicated to retail and other sectors, to analyze the data and provide scenarios for decision making. TRIA is able to offer technical expertise configuration and also to analyze the possible solutions on the market, thanks to partnerships with international players, and accompany the client in software selection. Finally, it may assist the customer in the purchase of the instrument and its maintenance purposes.

The main product is Oracle RPAS: OracleRetail Predictive Application Server, an innovative multidimension platform able to make predictions based on the data and the parameters entered.





Same as solutions and products relating to the line of business SOA, TRIA provides corrective maintenance, implementing the change request and new projects implemented.


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