Business Process Management

Business process management is the realization of strategic objectives of an organization by improving the management and control of an essential business process.

Companies need to be able to have information systems that manage the traffic information from the various business processes and provide real-​time information to support decisions. This need can be addressed by the Business Process Management — Business Process Management.





A Company needs to know the information to accurately allocate corporate resources. Use of BPM allows you to respond to this request, explaining the company’s knowledge and identifying possible areas of improvement.

TRIA focuses on the analysis and formalization of business processes: identifyng the process, defining the boundaries (processes supplier-​customer processes), defining inputs and outputs exchanged between stakeholders, defining the activities and procedures that govern the conduct, analyzing time (duration of activity), defining expected benefits (indices of), defining the responsibilities of the process.



Design and Consulting


TRIA intervenes to support the customer in the design process, in their normalization, analysis, optimization and explicit. The starting point is the identification of a gap between the as-​is and to be.

Then TRIA expresses a sustainable plan for the implementation of a new organizational model in which information systems and business functions are aligned strategic logic. Through synthesis companies are helped to have a clear view of the implicit knowledge enabling them to communicate and distribute information critical to the business such as strategy, goals, processes, models, requirements.
Customers, thanks to TRIA, beyond the traditional process modeling: they are able to respond quickly to change and to identify innovative solutions for growth.
The Business Process Modeling becomes an enabler to optimize the value proposition of corporate clients through the multiple lines of business, technologies, geographies, product offerings and /​or services.
TRIA also uses the model of the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic control methodology for describing, implementing and managing the strategy throughout the organization.



Project Management


TRIA considers Project Management essential (in support of counseling at different levels), in order to define, launch, manage, monitor and close a project.

The responsibilities of TRIA as Project Manager:

  • Definition and management of the Project Plan;
  • Creation and maintenance of the storage structure of the project;

  • Collection and analysis of project data, for presentation to the Project Board in key decision-​making moments;

  • Definition and implementation of project controls;

  • Examination of issues related to the project and necessary actions (including any escalation of problems to the Project Board;

  • Risk Management, Risk Workshop acts of any organization to identify the risks and actions that can be taken to limit the probability of occurrence or mitigate its impacts.

  • Communication to the Project Board on project progress and problems;





TRIA is able to formulate a plan of adoption of the discipline in order to align the organizational structure according to a shared method. In this way, in fact there is provided a common knowledge base.

The main themes that are normally required:

  • Analysis, redesign and improvement of business processes and organization.
  • Project Management;

Finally, TRIA provides operational training for the proper use of the instrument accompanying the professionals involved in the daily work.





TRIA provides the customer the experience and knowledge of the products on the market in the field of BPM, offers customers the most appropriate solution and can then manage the transaction with the supplier.
TRIA also outlines BPM within its main strength: providing an end to end service from tool selection, purchase, maintenance.
The Cardinis Suite is the tool selected by TRIA Portfolio Project Management for the implementation of a planning model and business process management, measures to fulfill and the extent of the business goals. The instrument, in fact, is able to provide a comprehensive overview of the projects thus overcoming their departmental vision and their place in business. Furthermore, the approach to the management of projects allows to reduce the risks, implementing economies of scale and management.

TRIA then finally found the best design solutions in order to capture and examine all dimensions of the business and therefore to design, model, simulate, and optimize processes.

  • Oracle BPA Suite;
  • ARIS Platform (Software AG);

  • Casewise Corporate Modeler Suite, a solution for Enterprise Architecture;



Updating and maintenance


TRIA guarantees its customers at their request, updating the official documentation of the analysis and design of processes in managed projects.

In this way, the customer will be able to keep constantly monitored as is and has a knowledge base on which to build any real roadmap for change.


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